Baby Names

Think! Baby Names ~ Here you will find thousands of baby names - from the most popular to the traditional to the highly unusual and unique, including hundreds that only recently have been coined or rediscovered. Find out popular variations and nicknames, trends, meanings and derivations...

Babynamer ~ Lists 18,000 names to help choose just the right one for your child. With the origin, meaning of name, and the most common nicknames      

Behind the Name ~ Locate the etymology and history of first names here. Also find the most popular names, logical names for twins, and a message board.    

Baby Name Finder ~ Searching for the perfect child's name? Browse the database of names, or check on the meanings of popular monikers      

First Names & what they mean ~ Click on the letter of the alphabet and to find out the origin and meaning of the name     

Irish First Names ~ Irish genealogy resources presents an index of Irish first names with their English equivalents    

Namely-yours ~ All about names...his, hers and yours


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