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A new natural way of family planning. Quick daily test of woman's saliva to determine her fertile days. Highly successful, lifetime usage-compact lipstick size mini microscope-FDA (Canada) & European Health Ass. approved. Agencies available.

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When you're pregnant fitting underwear becomes so much more important. CareFix understands and brings you comfort, reliability and peace of mind. We offer a full range of quality personal products designed solely with your confidence in mind. All our products are endorsed by leading child birth educators.

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Wodonga Health Services ~ The Midwife Care Program at the Wodonga Regional Health Service offers women with uncomplicated pregnancies an alternative to traditional forms of care      

Fitness & Exercise ~ Is exercising safe for pregnant women? What are the benefits to staying fit while pregnant? Find answers to questions like these and more.   

Health & Fitness ~ Many questions, seeking answers?  Find them all right here!!!   

Pregnancy & Exercise ~ What you can do for a healthy pregnancy


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