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Educational Toy Shop has grown to 5 retail stores, and an online shop.  This success can largely be attributed to their specially selected range of high quality educational products, friendly well informed staff and a sincere drive to have an effect in the area of children's educational development

+27 (11) 826 1679 +27 (11) 708 4989



Baby City


Baby City was created as a one-stop shop with a decent range of branded products at every day low prices.  Our stores also have the layout that creates a pleasant shopping experience.  We embrace the ideal that parenthood should be a sweet and simple experience...

+27 (31) 309 1667 + 27 (31) 309 1667



Toys "R" Us


Toys "R" Us is a specialist toy and baby ware retailer. We pride ourselves on having the widest selection of quality branded products under one roof. It's never been easier to find the best educational toys!

+ 27 (11) 467 0708 + 27 (11) 467 0761 Website Email



Reggies is a toy retailer.  We have the widest selection of quality products in the toy industry.  Find any toy that you need, we have it all!  From educational to those that are so much fun, all under one roof!!!

+ 27 (11) 622 1473 + 27 (11) 622 1473 Website Email



ACORN KIDS sells a great range of fun and educational bath products for children. The products teach colours, hand/eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Natural ingredients, PH balanced, Hipo-allergenic and made in South Africa . Used by Occupational Therapists. ACORN KIDS  product range includes Pixie Dust -  which colours the water… not the bath or skin - then there is Star Bubbles, which is Bubble bath with stars in it, Soaputty - soap which you can make moulds of and bath with your mould.. and lots more.


ACORN BABES  products include Barrier Cream, Baby Lotion,  Moisturising Baby Wash , Eucalyptus Massage Oil, Lavender Massage Oil, Liquid Silk Powder, Nappy Rash Cream and Oily wipes. 


To find out more about our products or if you are interested in joining our business (earning potential R2000 – R5000 p/m) please contact Elizma @ 0844083814

084-408-3814   Website Email


Your advertisement could be here!!!  For further information please go the the advertise page or contact us at BABYzone to be a part of this great service.

+27 (11) 849 3062 +27 (11) 849 0265 Website Email


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